Sara Summers Stein currently lives in her hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri with her husband, Adam, and their three children, Porter, Drew, and Scarlett. Sara began her professional career as a non-profit employee, where she served as an Educational Facilitator, a Grassroots Coordinator and a Community Activist.

As Sara’s family continued to grow from one child to three children, Sara found herself craving a creative hobby outside of work and family life. In 2016 Sara created the blog, Mother Mojo, as an inspirational outlet. The blog has since morphed into a site encompassing all the things Sara loves from travel to literature, film, fitness and of course, motherhood.

  • Susan Stein


    Love this Sara so wonderfully written. you have your hand on the pulse of what it takes to be the best Mother ever.

    • James Stein

      I know she is a great mom

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