An Easy Look For Busy Moms…The French Braid

I fully self-admit that there is a part of me that clings to my youth by wearing longer hair. So, there is that. But long hair is also so super easy to throw in a pony tail, twist into a high bun, or pull up in a french braid. Whenever I DO cut my hair, it is always chin-length, and inevitably, it is always when I am pregnant. There is nothing better than gaining 50 pounds at a time when your short hair hits right at your double chin. Good times!

What is YOUR look? I sometimes hear other moms talk about wash and go hairstyles but I am yet to believe that they really exist. Wash and go curls, WHAAAAAAAT? None of these styles have ever revealed themselves to me! I have a few friends who rock a pixie haircut and oh my gosh do I adore this confident and fresh look!!!! Women who rock this look are my personal idols. I am just a long hair girl, I suppose.

Having said that, there is nothing more unbecoming, or aging, for that matter, than long hair with split ends that hangs in stringy waves. I really try to give my hair a few days a week that I do not apply any heat to my ends. My typical no-heat hairstyle is a french braid. This look is fast and easy. I can cut my “prep” time in half on the days I don’t spend precious time during the morning rush hour blow drying, curling, or straightening.

If you have longer hair but do not currently know how to braid, is THE wining lottery ticket. There are literally hundreds of tutorials online.

Want to learn? Simply check HERE for how-to tips on french braiding.




  • Cristina


    Wow! No clue how you do,that yourself! Mine would be a mess!

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